Car LED Installation

LEDs are becoming the industry standard for cars and lighting in general, because their design generates more light with less power; in other words, they are extremely efficient. The long bulb life and lower power demand means that cars can use LED bulbs for anything from headlights to glove box and courtesy lights.
Rely on us for car LED installation! For a reasonable price, we will replace your old bulbs with new, long-lasting LED bulbs in a variety of places in your car! While we only offer exterior LED colors for taillights and headlights that are compliant with the law, we also offer a wide range of LED colors for your car’s interior! Add some character to your car’s door lights, map lights, and instrument cluster lights with a variety of LED colors! If necessary, we will also make the necessary resistor installations so that your car can make a smooth transition from incandescent bulbs to LED lights.